MCIB/126 - Felucca

Report Name
Report of the Investigation into the Grounding of the Irish Fishing Vessel "Felucca" in Dublin Port On 3rd June 2006 and the Subsequent Vessel Traffic Service Control of the Incident Involving Two Passenger Vessels 
Dublin Port 
Date of Incident
Saturday 03 June 2006
Monday 12 May 2008
On the 3rd June 2006, at 16.44 hours (local time), the fishing vessel “Felucca” departed from Dublin Port bound for Killybegs. The vessel had been in Dublin for general maintenance at the dry dock. Whilst departing, the vessel suffered an engine power failure and grounded on the south side of the channel about 250 metres to the west of No. 10 buoy in Dublin Port. After one unsuccessful attempt, the vessel’s engine was restarted and the vessel successfully refloated. As the fishing vessel refloated, two passenger ferries were inbound in the channel and approaching the fishing vessel. The fishing vessel proceeded back, under its own power to its original berth. There was no pollution or hull damage suffered in the incident.
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