MCIB/125 - Dinish

Report Name
Report into the Capsizing and Sinking of the "Dinish" about 170 Miles South West of the Scilly Isles on 24th May 2006 
Scilly Islands 
Date of Incident
Friday 26 May 2006
Friday 10 October 2008
The Irish flagged 25 metre stern trawler "Dinish" left the Spanish Port of Vigo on 22nd May 2006 for its first fishing campaign under its new owners. The Spanish owners had acquired the vessel about three months previously and this was its first voyage under new ownership and with a new crew of ten persons. The vessel was fully provisioned with fuel, water, food and fishing gear for a campaign that was expected to last about three months.
\r\nThe vessel was headed for fishing grounds off the south west coast of Ireland, where it had been operated by its previous owners.
\r\nAt about 20.00 hours (UTC 22.00 ships time) on the 24th May 2006 a call was made from the "Dinish" to La Coruna Radio saying that the vessel was taking in water. The crew reported flooding in the engine room and attempts were made by the crew to control the level of flooding, however these efforts were unsuccessful.
\r\nTwo liferafts were launched from the vessel and six of the crew got in to one raft. At approximately 20.30 hours (2230 ships time) the vessel capsized and sank about 170 miles south west of the Scilly Isles.
\r\nRescue services were tasked along with other merchant vessels close to the last known position of "Dinish". Six survivors were taken on board the merchant vessel "Stena Contest" from one of the rafts and the Skipper of the "Dinish" was taken from the water by the merchant vessel "Stolt Capability". One other crewmember was taken from the water by a rescue helicopter and pronounced dead on arrival at Cork University Hospital. A search operation was mounted, however the remaining two crewmembers are not accounted for.
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