MCIB/65 - Dania Kirsten

Report Name
Report into Gangway Accident Involving the Danish Registered Cargo Vessel "Dania Kirsten" 
South Jetties in the Port of Cork 
Date of Incident
Tuesday 21 January 2003
Monday 01 September 2003
This accident occurred on the 21st January 2003 at the South Jetties in the Port of Cork and resulted in the above ship's gangway falling into the water when Mr. Brian Geary, a Stevedoring Supervisor, was on the gangway attempting to gain access to the ship. Mr. Geary also fell into the water with the gangway and was rescued some time later in an unconscious state. He was removed at first to the South Infirmary Hospital, Cork and subsequently transferred to the University College Hospital, Cork, where he died on the 6th February 2003.
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