- Catherine L

Report Name
Report into the Capsize of MFV "Catherine L" with the Resultant Death of One Fisherman on the 18th July 2005, Owey Island, Co. Donegal 
Owey Island, Co. Donegal 
Date of Incident
Monday 18 July 2005
Wednesday 29 November 2006
At approximately 05:00 hours on the 18th of July 2005, Mr. Charlie Boyle put to sea from Kincasslagh, Co. Donegal in the "Catherine L", a borrowed 18ft. punt to engage in a days salmon fishing. The weather at the time was: Wind West to South West Force 5 or 6 with scattered showers and a significant wave height estimated in the region of 2.4 metres increasing to 3.8 metres. (See Met Eireann weather report at appendix 8.1).
\r\nAt approximately 20:00 hours the body of Mr. Charlie Boyle was recovered by Aranmore lifeboat west of Owey Island. C.P.R was carried out on Mr. Boyle. Mr Boyle’s body was airlifted to Letterkenny hospital where all supportive measures were instituted until 01:20 hours on the morning of the 19th when Mr. Boyle was pronounced dead.
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