MCIB/38 - Princess Vanya

Report Name
Report into the Grounding of the "Princess Vanya" in the Shannon Estuary on 1 December, 2001 
Shannon Estuary 
Date of Incident
Saturday 01 December 2001
Friday 12 December 2003
The Cypriot registered bulk carrier MV Princess Vanya was on passage to Aughinish in the Shannon estuary in southwest Ireland from the west African port of Kamsar. The 225 metre long vessel was nearly fully laden with a bulk cargo of bauxite and had a maximum draft of 12.5 metres. The Princess Vanya proceeded to the South and East of the 'The Tail of Beal' west cardinal buoy and the vessel went aground at the Tail of Beal Bar in position 52° 34.28'N 009° 40.34'W at approximately 2035hrs* on the 1st December, 2001. The vessel was approximately 0.3 of a mile off course at this time. There were no injuries or pollution as a result of this incident. * All times are local time i.e. GMT expressed in a 24 hour notation.
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