- St. Oliver

Report Name
Report into the Loss of the Fishing Vessel "St. Oliver" on the 17th September, 2004. 
Duck Island, Connemara 
Date of Incident
Friday 17 September 2004
Thursday 22 December 2005
Shortly after high water springs on the night of the 17th Sept 2004, the fishing vessel "St.Oliver" departed Leitir Ard in Bertrabuoy Bay at approximately 19:15 hours local time on passage to the fishing port of Rossaveal. The run of 25 nautical miles was expected to take approximately three hours giving an E.T.A. of 22:15 hours or thereabouts. The weather at the time of departure was S.S.W. at 29 kts gusting to 40 kts. with outbreaks of heavy rain. The crew, consisting of four were in contact with their families at various stages of the voyage reporting that conditions were bad but they expected to reach their destination on time. The vessel failed to reach its destination having grounded and broken up on Duck Island at 21:00 hours approximately. All four crew perished.
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