n/a - Pod Sant Yann

Report Name
Report into the Loss of the MFV "Pod Sant Yann" on the 26th April 2005 
Baltimore, Co. Cork 
Date of Incident
Tuesday 26 April 2005
Friday 21 October 2005
The Motor Fishing Vessel "Pod Sant Yann" departed from Union Hall, Co. Cork on the morning of the 25th April 2005 at approximately 03.00 UST to undertake a fishing trip which began at fishing grounds 12 miles South of Baltimore. Fishing continued throughout that day until late in the night. The vessel moved to different areas as it trawled. On the morning of the 26th April 2005 a fire occurred in the main engine room, which rapidly went out of control. The vessel was abandoned and the crew were rescued by another fishing vessel. The vessel burned until eventually sinking on the evening of the 26th April 2005. There were no injuries, loss of life or pollution caused by this incident.
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