MCIB/74 - Viking Raider

Report Name
Report Of The Investigation Into The Rescue Of The RIB "Viking Raider" Off Lambay Island On 18th April 2003 
Off Lambay Island 
Date of Incident
Friday 18 April 2003
Wednesday 28 April 2004
The RIB "Viking Raider" is 6.5 metres in Length Overall fitted with five buoyant chambers, constructed in 2000 by Red Bay Boats Co. Antrim. "Viking Sub Aqua Club", Coolmine, Dublin 15 (owner of this vessel). The RIB sailed from Malahide Marina on the morning of Friday 18th April 2003 for a dive site on the North side of Lambay Island with fourteen people on board. When the RIB was about 100 metres off the South side of Lambay Island a swell developed. They decided to turn back and slowed the vessel in order to turn when a wave came over the bow and the engine cut out. The engine could not be restarted. The vessel became swamped. The Pony auxiliary engine could not be started. A May Day was issued and some flares were set off. A yacht in the area put a tow on board to keep the RIB off the rocks. The May Day call was received by Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) at 09.53hrs local time. At 09.54hrs the Coast Guard helicopter at Dublin Airport was tasked and at 09.55hrs the R.N.L.I. lifeboat at Howth was tasked.At 10.16hrs the helicopter was at the scene and decided to lift a nine-year-old boy off the vessel. Howth's R.N.L.I. lifeboat was at the scene at 10.30hrs. All remaining persons were removed from the RIB to the lifeboat. The RIB was placed in tow by the lifeboat and arrived at Howth at 11.40hrs local time. There were no injuries.
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