MCIB/39 - Renegade

Report Name
Report into the Collision Between the Irish Fishing Vessel "Renegade" and an Unidentified Vessel in the Irish Sea On 25th July, 1999 
Irish Sea 
Date of Incident
Sunday 25 July 1999
Thursday 01 July 2004
On Sunday July 25th, 1999 at 0025 hours GMT an unidentified vessel was in collision with the Irish fishing vessel "Renegade" in the Irish sea at position 53 40 North 005 25 West. The "Renegade" was fishing at the time of the incident and the unidentified vessel did not stop after the collision. The "Renegade" was holed and took water in the engine room. The skipper sent out a "Mayday" call. Pumps were put on board by the emergency services and these were used to lower the water level in the engine room. Without these pumps the "Renegade" would probably have sunk. Four of the six crew abandoned to another fishing vessel. The "Renegade" proceeded to Howth at slow speed accompanied by another fishing vessel. Efforts to establish the identity of the other vessel involved in the collision were not successful.
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