MCIB/64 - Princess Eva

Report Name
Report on the Circumstances Surrounding the Detention of the Oil Tanker "Princess Eva" in Killybegs, Ireland on 28 January, 2003 
Killybegs, Co. Donegal 
Date of Incident
Tuesday 28 January 2003
Thursday 01 July 2004
The Princess Eva, a 60,945 dwt oil tanker, sailed from Copenhagen on 19th January 2003 on route to Houston / Corpus Christi, Texas with a 53,422 tonne cargo of V.G.O. (vacuum gas oil - a black residual product of partial crude oil refinement) in two parcels, one of high sulphur, the other of low sulphur (specification sheet - Appendix 8.1). The voyage planning routed the vessel around the north of Scotland and then South West passing about 150 miles off the northwest coast of Ireland. During the voyage down the West coast of Scotland and off the North West coast of Ireland severe weather was encountered with winds reported of up to force 11. On the morning of the 28th January 2003, the ford liferaft broke free from its cradle and inflated. Whilst attempting to re-secure the raft, three crewmembers were hit by a large wave breaking over the bow of the ship. Two crewmembers lost their lives in the incident, the third was seriously injured but survived and was airlifted from the vessel to Galway Hospital. Following the accident the vessel proceeded to Killybegs to land the bodies of the deceased and to collect replacement crewmembers. It arrived and anchored in McSwayne's Bay off Killybegs early afternoon on the 29th January. After arrival, the crew found a number of structural cracks on the deck of the vessel. The managing company in Argentina was informed. Following receipt of a report from the Coast Guard, The Chief Surveyor of the Maritime Safety Directorate sent two surveyors to conduct inspection of the vessel. The vessel was inspected on the morning of the 30th January and deemed to be unseaworthy. It was detained under the provisions of Port State Control legislation.
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