- Sheep Haven Bay

Report Name
Report of the investigation into the Drowning Incident at Sheep Haven Bay, Co. Donegal on 3rd May, 2004 
Sheep Haven Bay, Co. Donegal 
Date of Incident
Monday 03 May 2004
Monday 18 April 2005
(All times are local, one hour ahead of GMT, except where otherwise stated). At 14.07 hours, on Monday 3rd May 2004, the Irish Coast Guard Marine Rescue Sub Centre at Malin Head were called by the passenger boat "Rosguill" reporting that a Jet Skier had found a body in the water, with lifejacket, at Sheep Haven Bay, Co. Donegal. A search and rescue operation was instigated. At 15.13 hours the local Coast Guard from Mulroy Station reported locating a second body in the water of Sheep Haven Bay, also wearing a lifejacket. At 15.16 hours the search helicopter reported locating an upturned boat in the water in Sheep Haven Bay. The two recovered bodies were subsequently examined at the scene and pronounced dead by a local Doctor. The search operation continued until it was confirmed there were no other persons involved in the incident. At 18.53 all search and rescue units were stood down.
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