MCIB/33 - Olgarry/Michelle

Report Name
Report Into The Collision Between The Fishing Vessels "Olgarry" And "Michelle" Off Inishduff Near Killybegs, Co. Donegal On 26th September, 1995. 
Killybegs, Co. Donegal 
Date of Incident
Tuesday 26 September 1995
Wednesday 28 April 2004
The MFV "Olgarry" was returning to Killybegs after an unsuccessful fishing trip. The fishing was cancelled due to the heavy swell which made pair trawling impossible. The MFV "Pacelli" was accompanying the "Olgarry" on her return to port. Mr. Anthony Doherty, Skipper of the "Michelle", saw the "Olgarry" approaching from a distance of about three miles. He saw the "Olgarry" when his boat was on the top of the swell, which was large, about 20 feet in height. Mr. Doherty thought that the "Olgarry" would keep out of his way as he was stopped and working his lobster pots. As the "Olgarry" got closer, Mr. Doherty realised that the "Olgarry" was not going to alter course, he attempted to cut the line of the lobster pot that he was hauling, and put his boat's engine to full ahead. The "Olgarry" struck the "Michelle" on the Port shoulder at a very acute angle. This last minute alteration was vital as the "Olgarry" would almost certainly have struck the "Michelle" at almost right angles, with serious consequences. The "Michelle" was struck by the upper part of the bow of the "Olgarry", which was the bluntest part of the bow.
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