MCIB/73 - Christ Maria

Report Name
Report Of The Investigation Into The Sinking Of The Irish Fishing Vessel "Christ Maria" In Glandore Harbour, Co. Cork On 30 March 2003. 
Glandore Harbour, Co. Cork 
Date of Incident
Saturday 29 March 2003
Wednesday 28 April 2004
On March 26th 2003 at about 2330 hours, the "Christ Maria" a 17.04 metre wooden fishing vessel sailed from Union Hall, Co. Cork. The vessel proceeded to the fishing grounds around 50º 33'North 008º23'West and commenced fishing. There was a crew of three on board. The vessel departed from the fishing grounds at 2015 hours GMT on Saturday 29th March 2003 and proceeded back to Union Hall. The sea state was slight with light winds and good visibility. It was shortly after high water when the vessel went aground. A local fishing vessel attempted to tow the "Christ Maria" off without success. The three crewmembers went onto the other vessel. Shortly before low water the "Christ Maria" slipped sternwards and sank. There were no injuries suffered to any of the crewmembers. In the subsequent weather conditions, the vessel was severely damaged on the seabed.
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