MCIB/46 - Sonia Nancy

Report Name
Report Of The Investigation Into The Foundering Of The Irish Fishing Vessel "Sonia Nancy" 
Celtic Sea 
Date of Incident
Sunday 04 January 1998
Friday 20 February 2004
While hove to in Latitude 49 degrees 35 minutes North, Longitude 011 degrees 10 minutes West during the evening of 2nd January 1998 in exceptional heavy weather conditions the Irish registered 24.4 metre steel hull fishing vessel "Sonia Nancy" suffered engine failure. Whilst being towed by another fishing vessel the "Mapescal" the towline parted a second time. In most violent storm conditions with seawater entering the engine room a Mayday was relayed by "Mapescal" on behalf of "Sonia Nancy" and received by Falmouth Coast Guard at 07.23 hours 4th January 1998. All ten crewmembers were rescued by a Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Sea King helicopter. No apparent injuries were sustained by any of the ten crew and no pollution was caused. The helicopter rescue winchman received minor injuries.
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