MCIB/55 - Dai Mouse

Report Name
Report Of The Investigation Into The Collision Between The Yacht "Dai Mouse" And The U.K. Registered Work Boat "Voe Trader" 
Dublin Bay 
Date of Incident
Saturday 12 May 2001
Friday 20 February 2004
On 12th May 2001 at about 1240 hours, a collision occurred in Dublin Bay between the United Kingdom registered workboat "Voe Trader" and the Irish yacht "Dai Mouse". The collision occurred in a position between the Poolbeg and the entrance to Dun Laoghaire Harbour in good weather conditions. Visibility was about four miles. The "Dai Mouse" was the principal race committee boat for the Royal Alfred Yacht Club Baily Bowl, which was due to be held in the area. The start of the race had been deferred twice due to a lack of wind. There were a large number of yachts in the area. At the time of the collision the "Dai Mouse" had been stopped in the water for some time and was being moved by tidal flow only. There were six persons on the "Dai Mouse", five of whom suffered injuries, some serious, in the incident. There was also substantial damage to the yacht. The "Voe Trader" was on passage from the Poolbeg to Dun Laoghaire for a crew change. The speed of the vessel was estimated to be about 9.0 knots. There were six persons on board. There was no injuries to personnel or damage to the "Voe Trader". The information concerning speed and movement of both vessels was obtained from radar recordings from Dublin Port, as well as the statements of the witnesses.
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