MCIB/16 - Clipper Cheyenne

Report Name
Report Of The Investigation Into The Sinking Of The M.V. "Clipper Cheyenne" 
Date of Incident
Monday 03 June 2002
Monday 15 December 2003
A roll-on/roll-off heavy lift semi-submersible dock ship the "Clipper Cheyenne" sank while loading cargo in the semi-submersible mode, known as "float-in/float-out" (flo-flo), mode in Foynes, Co. Limerick on the 3rd June 2002. The vessel sank while ballasting down, it rolled to starboard, the bilge hit the bottom and the vessel came upright and rested on the seabed alongside the quay. Several crewmembers were thrown into the sea and port vessels rescued them. The remaining crewmembers left the vessel by means of a ladder onto the quay. One crewmember was hospitalised and was discharged the next day. There were no fatalities and no serious injuries. The "Clipper Cheyenne" was salvaged several weeks later and towed to France.
Full Report
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