MCIB/42 - Sea Swallow

Report Name
Report of the Investigation into the Loss of the "Sea Swallow" 
Duffur Rocks, Belmullet, Co. Mayo 
Date of Incident
Friday 27 July 2001
Tuesday 18 November 2003
On the morning of Friday the 27th of July 2001 the vessel "Sea Swallow" left Frenchport in Belmullet, Co. Mayo with both Mr. Tony Lavelle and his son Anthony onboard. They were carrying approximately fifty fully-grown shorn ewes to Inishkea North Island for summer pasture. They departed Frenchport at 1120 hrs approximately. The weather was good, the sea was slight with south-westerly winds of 1knot; it was cloudy and good visibility of 13 miles. The boat appears to have sunk while passing Duffur rocks at about 1200 hrs The skipper, Mr. Tony Lavelle was rescued but his son Anthony Lavelle has not been recovered.
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