MCIB/197 - Carraig an Iasc

Report Name
Report of the investigation into the sinking of the FV "Carraig an Iasc" on 20th January 2011 
Crosshaven, Co. Cork 
Date of Incident
Thursday 20 January 2011
Thursday 22 December 2011
On 20th January 2011 at approximately 08.30 hrs. the FV "Carraig an Iasc" departed Crosshaven, Co. Cork with a crew of two onboard, Skipper/Owner Mr. James Fitzgerald and crewman Mr. Gerry Hegarty.  They then proceeded to sea to haul and bait crab pots.  During the fishing operations whilst altering course, the vessel became swamped, capsized and the two crew members ended up in the water.  Mr. Fitzgerald managed to swim ashore and raise the alarm.  Mr. Hegarty did not manage to swim ashore and was drowned, his body being recovered on 17th February 2011 at Ringabella Strand, Co. Cork.
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