MCIB/185 - Fatal incident at Mulranny Pier

Report Name
Report of Investigation into fatal incident at Mulranny, Co. Mayo on 22nd May 2010 
Mulranny Pier, Co. Mayo 
Date of Incident
Saturday 22 May 2010
Friday 12 November 2010

Mr. Martin Mulloy went fishing in his Arvor 18 sport fishing boat on the morning of the 22nd May 2010. It is known that he had returned from the fishing trip and was securing the boat on its mooring in Mulranny Harbour, Co. Mayo at 12.11 hrs.


At approximately 13.00 hrs. Mr. Mulloy was found dangling over the bow of his boat with his head and upper body in the water. Local persons went to the assistance of Mr. Mulloy and brought him ashore where CPR was carried out. The CPR was unsuccessful and Mr. Mulloy was pronounced dead at the scene.

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