MCIB/117 - Bro Traveller

Report Name
Report of the Investigation into an incident involving the grounding of the Oil Tanker "Bro Traveller" on 17th September 2005 
Dublin Bay 
Date of Incident
Saturday 17 September 2005
Tuesday 18 November 2008
At 07.36 hours (local time) on the 17th September 2005 a Swedish reistered tanker of 7,973 gross tonnes with a cargo of 11,000 metric tonnes of gas oil inbound from Milford Haven/Pembroke to Dublin Oil Jetty No. 2 grounded approximately 0.3 cables (180 feet) outside the northerly defined fairway channel in Dublin bay and 2.78 cables (1,700 feet) west of No. 3 conical lateral (starboard hand) buoy.  There was no damage or injuries to personnel and the vessel was refloated an hour later at 08.35 hours without tug assistance.  The hull remained intact with paint scrape to hull plating in area of grounding.  There was no loss of cargo or bunkers.  The wind at the time of grounding was west northwest at 12 knots (force 4) gusting 15 knots (force 4) with a flood tide setting in a northerly direction.  The visibility was bright and clear and the channel was clear of outward traffic.  The ship had a warranted pilot on board at the time of grounding.  Refer to Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 for abstracts of Admiralty Charts 1415 and 1447 respectively.
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