MCIB/153 - Cassie

Report Name
Report of Investigation into the MFV "Cassie" at Inver Bay, Co. Donegal on 3rd December 2007 
South Donegal Coast 
Date of Incident
Monday 03 December 2007
Friday 03 July 2009

At 12.27 hrs. on Monday 3rd December 2007, the Irish Coast Guard Marine Rescue Sub Centre at Mailin Head, Co. Donegal received a 999 call by mobile telephone from a local fisherman stating that he had sighted a red flare in the water near Doorin Point.  A search and rescue operation was instigated.  Subsequently two persons were recovered but were later pronounced dead in hospital.  The autopsy concluded that the cause of death for both was hypothermia due to salt-water immersion.




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