MCIB/144 - Atlantic West

Report Name
Report into the investigation into the incident on board FV "Atlantic West" with the resultant loss of life, North of Mayo Stags, 2nd July 2007 
Mayo Stags, Co. Mayo 
Date of Incident
Monday 02 July 2007
Monday 31 August 2009

At 12.55 hrs. on the afternoon of 2nd July 2007, the Fishing Vessel "Atlantic West" was engaged in shooting crab pots 36 miles north off the North Mayo Stags.  One Crewmember, a native of Slovakia, became entangled in fishing gear and was pulled over the stern of the vessel.


This crewmember had no qualifications as a deckhand and may not have been fully aware of the inherit dangers of the back rope coiling around his leg as it was let out.

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