MCIB/138 - Lough Lene

Report Name
Report of the Investigation into an Incident Involving the Drowning of One Person in Lough Lene, Co. Westmeath, on 27th January 2007 
Co. Westmeath 
Date of Incident
Saturday 27 January 2007
Tuesday 11 December 2007

On 27th January 2007, three people departed in a boat, at about 15.30 hours from near Fore, Co. Westmeath. While returning on the boat to their departure point, the boat took on water and capsized. All three persons in the boat were thrown into the water. The three survived initially and used the upturned boat to support themselves. Hypothermia was affecting all three persons but one seemingly worse than the other two. He slipped off the boat unnoticed and when his absence was discovered, he could not be found. The surviving two persons decided to swim the remaining distance to shore and raised the alarm. Units of Coast Guard, the Gardai, the Civil Defence and the Fire Brigade commenced a search.


Members of the Civil Defence recovered his body early on the following day at about 02.30 hours. Personal flotation devices or lifejackets were not being worn by any members of the party on the trip.

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