MCIB/134 - Pere Charles

Report Name
Report of the Investigation into the Sinking of the Irish Fishing Vessel "Pere Charles" off the South Wexford Coast on 10th January 2007 
Co. Wexford 
Date of Incident
Wednesday 10 January 2007
Wednesday 15 October 2008

The Irish fishing vessel "Pere Charles" with a crew of five, departed from Dunmore East at about 10.00 hours on the 10th January 2007 and proceeded to fish for herrings south of Hook Head. The vessel engaged in pair trawling with the "Suzanna G". Three catches were taken with the first two landed on the "Pere Charles" and the final catch landed on the "Suzanna G".


Shortly after 18.00 hours on the same day as both vessels made their way back to Dunmore East, the "Suzanna G" received a call on the VHF from the Skipper of the "Pere Charles" stating "She has breached on me. Stand by". The "Pere Charles" was about one mile away and just ahead of the "Suzanna G". The Skipper of the "Suzanna G" replied "Yes Ok". That was the last known contact with the "Pere Charles" as the vessel disappeared from view.


The vessel was located on the seabed on 12th January 2007. Irish Naval Service divers carried out searches of the vessel on 16th January and also between 24th and 27th January 2007. No bodies were found.


During early November 2007, the "Pere Charles" was recovered from the seabed and brought by barge to Arklow. The vessel was searched but no bodies were found.

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